Smart KPIs

Recommendations for SMART KPIs from Okapi’s 3000+ database


Success Benchmarks

Target Benchmarks from your industry and your company’s life stage
Okapi is integrated and partnered with NetSuite to provide a fully integrated solution. Okapi recommends and calculates top level KPI results and promotes actionable drill down operational reports

Quick onboarding

Your platform goes live in a few days, utilizing automatic interfaces and predefined packages

Combine operational plans

A unique synergy between KPIs and OKRs (Objective & Key Results) in one view

Implementing Okapi was a snap – having Okapi tightly integrated with NetSuite created a level of confidence within our management team which brought a lot of focus and understanding of what’s important in each part of the business.

Davis Knox CEO at Fire & Flavor

The Okapi platform provided a very efficient and practical way for our management team to implement the KPI solution quickly and efficiently.

Paul Bouchard President at Discovery Air Defence Services
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