What’s in the ebook? 

Ready for Million Dollar Results?

Business that use the OKAPI method see an immediate change in their operations with an average increase in gross profits of $1 million dollars. 
Using operational intelligence, 
the OKAPI method helps organizations to engage their teams in a mission of lowering costs while boosting productivity.


 Six Steps to 
Operational Excellence 

Focus Your Team, Rock Your KPIs

Iris Tsidon, CEO Okapi 
Iris is a seasoned executive, leader, strategist, and has a clear understanding of what organizations needs to succeed. Combining her expertise in organizational processes with cutting edge technology, she co-founded OKAPI – a SaaS based platform for operational excellence. OKAPI has successfully been implemented, helping many companies achieve their strategic goals with data-based decisions that not only improve operations but dramatically increase revenue. 



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Yaara Gavriely

HR Manager, Omnisys

I learned a lot from the practical examples of tools in the book, and was able to use them in my day to day job.

Ariel Schwartzberg

Deputy CFO, EL AL

Doesn't get better than this! So very helpful for improving operational excellence, and maximizing profit potential.
must read book for every manager.

Maya Gal, CTO Okapi
Maya is a thought leader, best selling author and global expert in Operational Intelligence. Her work combines artificial intelligence and machine learning to provide real time insights into high level operations. She is passionate about helping managers interact with data and 
co-founded OKPAI as a SaaS based platform to improve both user experience and performance. 

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