Okapi was created with the goal of providing Fortune 500 management tools to SMB companies.

It was founded by two KPI experts, women with decades of experience in optimizing business performance for a wide variety of enterprises.

Since its inception, Okapi has helped dozens of companies improve outcomes significantly and achieve higher growth levels.

Iris TsidonIris Tsidon, Co-Founder, CEO

Iris is an experienced executive, leader, and strategist. Beginning her career as an HR professional and moving up the ranks to top leadership positions, she has developed a clear understanding of what an organization needs to succeed.
In her prior positions, especially those at the VP and C levels of top international companies, Iris has relied on KPIs and their correlations to successful increases in business performance.

  • VP at Ness Technologies
  • COO at Gilon BI
  • PMO at Deloitte
  • VP HR at Polgat Textile
  • MSc from the Technion, Leadership program at INSEAD
  • Co-author of One Million KPIs

Maya GalMaya Gal, Co-Founder, CTO

Maya has many years of experience as a high level executive in Business Intelligence companies. During her career she has been involved in over 50 performance management deployments in varied industries.
At Okapi she combines her deep understanding of how managers interact with data, with a passion for helping companies achieve their strategic goals.

  • Division Manager at Ness Technologies
  • Projects & Consulting Division at Gilon BI
  • CTO at Hi-Teach
  • R&D team leader at Amdocs
  • BSc in Industrial & Management Engineering from TA University
  • Co-author of One Million KPIs

Gal HaselkornGal Haselkorn, Co-Founder,
VP Business Development

Experience in managing international channels, sales, service and operations. Strong leadership and management skills.

  • VP Sales, SCREEMO
  • VP Sales, ObserveIT
  • VP Sales and Marketing, Wave Guard Technologies
  • Executive VP Sales, Radcom
  • Corporate VP Channels, NICE Systems

Al PowellAl Powell, Vice President Sales

Direct and Channel Sales Management experience at start ups and F1000 companies including HP, Intershop (IPO) and Postini (acquired by Google)

    • 15+ years as VP of Sales for privately held enterprise SaaS companies
    • Built sales teams to 40+ professionals
    • Generated revenues from zero to $25M+/year
    • Built channel partner programs for HP, Intershop, Serus, etc. (1,000+ partners)
    • Successful exits including IPO (Intershop) and acquisitions

Amitai KanarikAmitai Kanarik, Delivery Team Manager

Experienced Program Manager and Chief Systems Engineer in leading HW/SW companies including Intel and Texas Instruments

      • 15+ years of experience in product development, from definitions, throughout design, implementation validation and characterizations
      • Excellent System engineering understanding
      • Project manager for worldwide full system on chip products, delivering both HW and SW

Koby HubermanKoby Huberman, Advisory Board Member

Executive leader of large international hi-tech organizations with over 27 years of experience in business development, strategic planning, M&A, strategic alliances, sales and marketing, focusing on thought leadership in hi-tech and in non-profit organizations.
Active strategy advisor to CEOs committed to transformational growth strategies – in high-tech (telecom, analytic software, semiconductor), agro-tech and professional services companies.
Co-author of “Strategy, Leadership and the Soul”


It is a unique mammal with the features of no fewer than than three different animals – Giraffe, Deer, Zebra

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This combination of skills and attributes makes Okapi such a striking name for our company.

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