Success Stories

Here are some of the clients whose business have undergone an operational transformation with Okapi:


Cheryl Gray, CPM, EVP, Enterprise Innovation,  QuadReal Property Group:
“Okapi was immediately adopted, easily used,  and our staff loved it at the operational level. This technology has so much potential, and we’ve only just scratched the surface.”

  • QuadReal is one of Canada’s largest institutional investors with a $24.5 billion investment portfolio that spans across 17 countries.
  •  Prior to implementing Okapi, their main challenges were multiple data sources, better resource management was required to improve efficiency, and lack of data among users in the field.
  • Okapi provided QuadReal teams with AI-based personalized notifications, which within 90 days from implementation resulted in:

* 87% reduction in completion time.
* 82% reduction in response time.
* and another 13% improvement in repeating requests. 
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Davis Knox, CEO of Fire & Flavor:
“We’re in love with this solution. Implementing Okapi was a snap. Okapi brought focus and understanding of what’s important in each part of the business.”

  • Fire & Flavor, one of America’s 500 fastest growing companies, specializes in all-natural cooking and grilling products.
  • Prior to implementing Okapi, their main challenge was that too many reports made it almost impossible to understand the performance of the business and operational KPIs.
  • Okapi provided Fire & Flavor’s teams with crucial performance information, resulting in:

*94% operating margin growth.
*An increase in fill rate from 92 to 98%.
*On-time shipping improvement of 47%.
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Alon Gertman VP Operations, AHAVA: “Okapi helps us engage all the employees to work towards our goals, from the management team, down to the last employee on the production line.”

      • Ahava Dead Sea Laboratories is a world leader in skin care products owned by the Chinese Fosun Group and can be found in over 30 countries in the world’s leading chains.
      • ‪‬Prior to Okapi, Ahava were focused on the financial outcomes, without real-time visibility into the operational metrics that could support their improvement.
      • After one year, Ahava:
        *Reduced setup time by 80%.
        *Cut its shipping costs by 67%.
        *Cut its material costs by 12%.
        *During their first year of implementing Okapi this has translated into US $1 million dollars.
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Netta Shpitzer, CEO of Moses: “The Okapi platform is the homepage and preferred app of my entire management team. The KPIs allow us to influence the performance of each restaurant on a day by day basis.”

      • Moses is a fast-growing restaurant chain specializing in American food.
      • ‪‬Prior to Okapi, its main challenge was providing restaurant managers with a clear and focused view of the KPIs and their target values.
      • After one year, Moses:
        *Cut its labor costs by 16%.
        *Cut its food costs by 12%.
        *Increasing gross profits by US $90,000 per month.
        *The system-wide improvements resulted in a 6% growth in profits, and saved the company over US $1 million.
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Shachar Fine, EVP of Business Development, Marketing and Sales at Kanfit: Okapi’s Artificial Intelligence notifications provide station managers the inputs they need to make better decisions.
      • Kanfit is a leading manufacturer of high quality parts and assemblies made from composite materials and metals.
      • ‪‬Kanfit needed to shorten their lead time and improve their productivity, while maintaining their high level of quality in order to stay competitive.
        *In first, Kanfit improved their Gross Profit by over $1 million dollars.
        *In following years they reduced internal defect level by over 60%.
        *Improved on-time delivery by an additional 36%.
        *Grew sales in a new market by an additional 20%.
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Kobi Bitter, CEO of Bynet Semech: Okapi’s platform increased focus and supported a reduction of 50% in our voluntary attrition.
      • Bynet Semech Outsourcing Ltd. Offers management consulting services through decision making software that analyses cost, productivity, technology and other management resources.
      • The main challenges leading to the Okapi implementation were a high attrition of BPO employees, high recruitment costs, and unfulfilled income potential.
      • KPIs were cascaded to all levels of the organization, driving a clear understanding of the required processes and results.

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