Change the Way Your Business Operates

Use artificial intelligence to provide actionable notifications to every member of your team

Focus on your key business goals

Okapi is a platform that changes the way people operate, the decisions they make, and the operational priorities they set by using AI-driven insights to align performance with the company’s business objectives.

Receive personalized actionable notifications

In most companies, managers receive reports and send their employees instructions on what to do to improve performance. With Okapi, every staff member gets personalized AI driven insights, tailored to his or her responsibilities, on any device and in real-time.

Collect data from your existing architecture

Okapi combines IoT with cloud technology and AI to accesses data from the dozens of existing internal and external sources in your business. Once accessed, 4,000 metrics and algorithms do the hard work behind the scenes, uncovering valuable insights for each staff member.

It's just like assigning an intelligent personal advisor
to everyone in your organization

Ready to Gain Competitive Advantage
with Okapi's Personal AI Advisor?

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