360˚ view of the organization

Harness the power of People & Business Process KPIs

The Okapi Wheel focuses on four perspectives:

Financial, Customers & Growth, Business Processes and People.

One of the greatest achievements of this methodology is establishing a balance between allocation of resources for attaining immediate results and resources for long-term objectives.

Focus on current and future performance

Measuring the right KPIs assists your team building the path to success

A detailed definition for each KPI supports One Truth –  a clear understanding of what is being measured.

Each KPI is assigned to an owner, which strengthens accountability and engagement.

The target value is based on the company’s history and Okapi’s Benchmarks.

The actual value is automatically color coded relative to the target value.

This colorful comparison, dividing the KPIs into Green (on target) Yellow (a small gap from target) and Red (alert – far from target), assists managers to focus on areas requiring improvement and immediate attention.

Tracking of KPIs

Enhanced decision making

Okapi saves the historic performance of each KPI and presents it graphically.

Managers are able to examine trends, identify seasonality, and observe performance from a broader perspective.

KPIs can be measured across different geographies, product lines, customer types and more to identify the detailed contribution of different business objects.

Combined KPIs and OKRs* in one view

There is great value in tracking Key Result Plans and Key Performance Indicators jointly. The use of such tracking can ensure that we are executing the plans we’ve set in motion, and understanding their effect on business objectives.

* OKR – Objective & Key Results

NetSuite Integration

Okapi is fully integrated with the NetSuite platform.

This unique cooperation provides NetSuite customers with a combination of a bottom up view in the operational system and a top down view in Okapi.

Timeline View

Almost everyone in an organization feels overwhelmed by their workloads. This makes them unavailable for the tasks that could increase growth.

Our Timeline shows future Key Result Plans and KPIs and helps focus on activities defined as most significant for the organization.

This focus ensures improved business outcomes.


Available for you at anytime, anyplace, through any device

High Engagement and Collaboration

Okapi captures the organizational discourse on each KPI, ensuring that decisions will be executed.

The comments feature enables everyone to enter summaries and review emphases on KPIs from previous periods.


Okapi has dozens of predefined data source integrations with all major platforms.

Activating these automatic interfaces extracts summary data regarding the selected KPIs into Okapi.

Okapi also supports integration of existing spreadsheets has an Open API for integration to on-premise platforms.

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