With actionable insights, a real-time view, and a host of other features, Okapi leverages your data using Artificial Intelligence to transform employee and manager behaviours, outcomes and results.
Here’s how.

Real-time view

Okapi provides a real-time vista of data from other systems like ERP and CRM, for a comprehensive view of your business that harnesses the power of AI and KPIs, and focuses on financials, customers & growth, business processes, and people. With a careful balance between allocation of resources for immediate results and long-term objectives, Okapi enables you to concentrate on current and future performance goals.

Actionable Personal Feed

Every employee starts their day with a personalized view from Okapi, providing meaningful Artificial Intelligence-driven alerts and actions, goals, and performance results. To achieve this, Okapi employs:

  • Sensitivity analysis – supporting the focus on the main operational metrics driving the required outcomes
  • Anomaly detection – delivering real time alerts on changes in existing patterns
  • Cause & effect – providing ongoing root cause analysis for automatic detection of underlying problems
  • Predictive engine – supporting forecasting, preventative actions and effective planning.

Sensitivity Analysis

Okapi displays a selection of metrics based on sensitivity analysis of the operational parameters and their effect on the desired financial outcome, to ensure that you are measuring the right KPIs, i.e., the ones that are truly achieving their required outcomes.

To achieve this, Okapi implements a sensitivity analysis algorithm that analyzes the operational metrics that drive the company’s chief financial goals. This algorithm is run during setup mode to help select the right KPIs, and is then run at ongoing intervals to ensure that these KPIs are having the desired impact on outcomes.

Other Features


Okapi’s Timeline helps promote growth by displaying future Key Result Plans and KPIs, so you can concentrate on the most important tasks to ensure your company is executing the plans you’ve set in motion, and understand their impact on business objectives.

Performance Summary

Okapi provides an actual and forecast view (to both employees and their managers) of employee performance metrics for the purposes of bonus calculation and employee evaluations.


Okapi’s Comments feature allows for discussion to encourage improved execution of goals as well comparison to previous periods.


Okapi is accessible at anytime, anyplace, via any device.


Okapi has dozens of predefined data source integrations with major platforms.

These automatic interfaces extract data into Okapi for KPI results and Artificial Intelligence based business notifications.

Okapi also supports the integration of existing spreadsheets, and has an Open API for integration with legacy platforms, like ERP and CRM for a fully integrated view.

As part of a partnership with NetSuite, Okapi is fully integrated with NetSuite, enabling the unique combination of a bottom up view in the operational system and a top down view in Okapi.

Implementing Okapi

All we need to implement Okapi is access to your data sources, and we automatically interface with them. By focusing on the most immediate, most crucial goals, Okapi can deliver quick wins for your company.
As a start, we work with you to determine the top 5 KPIs, integrate with the relevant data and reap the almost immediate benefits. Our typical rollout is 1 month for setup and implementation, including but not limited to the following:

  • Company profile mapping: vertical, company size, and other parameters
  • Selecting the required financial outcomes
  • Mapping and integrating the required data to pull the relevant data from diverse sources
  • Selecting KPIs from those recommended by the platform
  • Going live

Our expanded engagement is usually 30 to 90 days to enter high value production. During this phase, we implement a customer onboarding program including training, onboarding notifications, and usage gamification features, as well as workshops on Artificial Intelligence for our clients.