Okapi is not just a place where companies can see their data. It is a platform that changes the way people operate, the decisions they make, the priorities they set, and much more. In most companies, managers receive reports and send their employees instructions what to do. With Okapi, everyone gets actionable AI driven insights—tailored to their responsibilities and goals.

Cultivating Data

Today’s companies are inundated with a constant barrage of data, which has the potential to provide them with valuable insight. This time-consuming data analysis emphasizes mostly the financial, letting the all-too-important operational perspectives and company goals fall by the wayside. Employees and their superiors don’t have a transparent view of their own results and don’t know whether they are aligned with company objectives, much less have access to relevant data.

If we can’t effectively filter, analyze and leverage the tsunami of data, it’s useless to us. Enter Okapi. Using a SaaS-based platform via a mobile app or the web, Okapi’s meaningful data-driven recommendations and notifications help users execute and monitor their own progress and enable managers to monitor their employees’ efforts, activities, and performance in real time.

Changing the Artificial Intelligence Game

Okapi uses AI to capture the data and harvest the most relevant tasks required to achieve your goals. We use AI to extract the right KPIs and goals and assign them to the most appropriate owner to maximize accountability and engagement.

The platform connects to organizational data sources via automatic interfaces and predefined packages. Proprietary Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning algorithms alert users to underlying problems and trends in their performance, while Collective Intelligence algorithms gather recommendations for potential solutions from the company’s internal knowledge base and external sources.

The Ultimate Assistant

We all rely on our devices to tell us when it’s time to leave for work to beat the traffic, what shows to binge-watch next, and even when we’re due for our next teeth cleaning. Okapi has brought this convenience and efficiency to realm of enterprise software. By giving every employee notifications, reminders, and a real-time view of their progress based on pre-defined goals and AI, it’s like assigning virtual personal assistant to everyone in your organization.

Beyond Business Intelligence

Having a virtual personal assistant not only boosts productivity. It changes the way we make decisions, set priorities and complete tasks towards our goals. Okapi takes the traditional Business Intelligence model of reports and analysis to the next level by actually changing the behavior of managers and employees. Okapi injects motivation for achieving and desired behaviors & goals into the equation—which has significant impacts on your bottom line.

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